Over the years I have developed many different products, I have highlighted a few here.  As well, I have managed many different projects for different companies, which are also highlighted below.


I am one of the inventors of the first Z-Wave Garage Door Controller (Patent Pending).  This product was originally sold through Lowes but was so successful that it was picked up by Ingersol Rand, AT&T, ADT, Vivint and 2GIG.  It has sold over 250,000 units in less than 3 years and was awarded numerous industry awards.


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While I was with Evolve I managed the largest Z-Wave installation of all time.  Over 65,000 devices were installed in one building, including thermostats, room controllers, drape controllers, lighting and doorbells.  This installation was thought to be impossible, but we had the vision and the tenacity to make it a reality.  All of the devices we installed were also developed by myself and the team.





OneEvent Technologies is a new company that is developing Data Analytics and Predictive Analysis for Homeowners, Data Centers, Quick-Serve Restaurants and the Insurance Industry.  My role includes Product Development, Marketing, Business Development and Industry Outreach.

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Quirky is a company that crowd-sources ideas and turns them into reality.  Their unique system of gathering new and exciting IoT products will be a game changer in the industry.  My role is to assist with the development of the ideas, connect Quirky with industry partners and perform business development tasks.

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Observables is developing the next generation of Software Defined Security Devices.  Their AlwaysOn Platform can help companies manage communications, networking, and access control over a wide range of protocols.  The easy to use interface creates new RMR opportunities for dealers and service providers. My responsibilities include Product Development, Marketing and Industry Outreach.

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Hogar Controls is a new company that is developing the next generation of Smart Home and control devices. They specialize in voice control, whole home controllers, and the international marketplace.  Based in India with over a decade of integration experience, they are truly the next wave in home automation and control.